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 / "Europrom" has got "Kashrut" certificate for the products


All over the world there is a huge potential of trust for "Kashrut" certificate. Interest in products with a certificate of "Kashrut" is growing fast due to its high quality requirements. People of different nationalities and religions trust the quality of kosher products. These are people with lactose intolerance, vegetarians, health-conscious people, and others who believe that the kosher sign guarantees the quality of the products.
Sign "K" on food is world famous for its highest standards of kosher food quality. In the production of kosher food, in addition to the state standards, there is another, very strict quality control system. It is very difficult to get "Kosher" certificate: one must have perfect reputation, which would guarantee that the product has exactly the ingredients that are stated on the label, and that the technology satisfies the "Kashrut" requirements.

High quality of the "Europrom" products has been confirmed by numerous awards and diplomas in various competitions and exhibitions. Obtaining the "Kosher" certificate is for us an extension of reliability of our company!

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