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In April 2009 Europrom put on the market a new revolutionary product that became a real sensation – “Tzar Caviar  Beluga and Salmon imitation” with grains that burst in your mouth and give you the complete delight of the original products. It’s hard to believe until you try it!

The new technology is unique and has no analogues in the world.

The product is made of natural ingredients such as mackerel, hunchback salmon and vegetable oil and has no preservatives and artificial additives. The taste of the most exclusive of all foods for a reasonable price - this dream comes true with “Tzar Caviar”.

The product has got two gold medals at the International Food Exhibition in Moscow (PRODEXPO) as “The Innovation of the year” and “The Product of the year”.

Tzar Caviar is packed in the original Russian caviar jars.

Tzar Caviar Beluga Imitation” from ocean fish fillets

Packaging: glass jar
Shelf life:12 months

Storage temperature: (0+8)°C

Weight: 100 g, 50 g

“Tzar Caviar Salmon Imitation” from salmon fish fillets

Packaging: glass jar
Shelf life: 12 months

Storage temperature: (0+8)°C

Weight: 100 g, 50 g 

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