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We are sincerely grateful to the charity funds and organizations for doing such an important job - helping those, who needs support: veterans, the disabled, homeless, large families with low-income. We are glad that we have the opportunity to help and contribute to such an important and necessary work.

As a food producing company we most often provide our products to charity foundations and organizations, we participate in event organization and give delicious gifts. We are also pleased to participate in city festivals, where we offer people to try our products and  give gifts to the winners of competitions and contests.

The House of War Veterans №2

According to the already established good tradition, along with "Komsomolskaya Pravda" newspaper we help to organize the celebration of 9th of May and the anniversary of Removing the Blockade and prepare gifts and tasty treats for residens of The House of War Veterans on Vyazovoy street.

The Maltese Aid Service

The activity of the service is a part of charity activity of the eldest international humanitarian organization The Orden of Malta. At present The Maltese Aid Service is implementing several charity projects to help the least socialy protected groups in our society: the elderly, the poor, the disabled and the homeless.

We support the charity canteen of The Maltese Aid Service, which helps people in need.

International Charity Foundation "Open Heart"

St.Petersburg ICF "Open Heart" is engaged in a very important and necessary business - it helps large families with low-income and homeless people.

In the description of each fund there is a link to the site or group of fund in social networks, where it is indicated what kind of help is needed by the wards of the fund.

We will be glad if you can join and help those, who needs our help and support.

Let's join now! 

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